About us


Translatørservice began compiling its database of resources available for translation and interpreting in Norway and abroad back in 1979. All of our freelancers, together with a number of agencies in other countries with which we work, form part of what we call our "web team". This means that we can supply not only translations to and from Norwegian but also translations between other languages, such as English and German, French and Italian, or Swedish and Portuguese. We can handle virtually all language combinations – if in doubt, ask! For all combinations, we offer competitive prices and short turnarounds.

The members of our web team have not been picked solely on the strength of their linguistic qualifications, although this is naturally the most important factor. We also set great store by specialist knowledge such as financial, legal, technical or medical terminology so that we can help customers in, say, the oil sector with highly technical texts.

One important cornerstone of our business is our cooperation with a number of translation agencies throughout Europe. This ensures that we can always have translations carried out by skilled translators who live and work in the relevant country and have the language in question as their mother tongue.

All in all, we work with more than 200 translators in different languages and subject fields, and we can call on one of the largest groups of government-authorised and other professional translators in Norway. 

We also have the facilities for using the most advanced methods for document scanning, computer-assisted translation (CAT) and the development of special vocabularies.

Where a project's size or deadline so dictates, we can split work between translators with in-house quality control.

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